Email Developer Hiring Help

Hiring Help from Email Chic Geek.

If you're looking for a new email developer, and you don't know html for email, how on earth do you know whether they're any good? Sure they might have the gift of the gab, can say all the right things, they might have a lot of pretty designs to show you and they may have worked for some big names, but how do you know that their code is any good?

An email can look very pretty in browser, and in some clients, but can still have invalid code in it - and this can affect your deliverability, as spam filters try to block emails with bad code.

I can help.

Send me code examples and I can review and give you feedback on their skill.

Code Reviews

  • For an individual applicant, up to three code examples, £35*
  • For five applicants, up to three code examples each, £155*
* Not including VAT

Also, you want someone who knows how spam filters work (some advice for free, if they mention spam trigger words, show them the door), someone who knows how to validate their code, and generally someone with the right attitude towards email itself.

Have me sit in on interviews to ask the right questions on email development and email marketing. With the email community being so small, I may also be able find out from others a little on their skills and attitude.


  • For one interview, £60**
  • For multiple interviews, back to back on the same day £40** per interview
  • For multiple interviews on different days £50**
Not including VAT, or travel costs if outside of area covered by the London underground.

In addition, if you're stuck while you're waiting to get someone on board, why not hire me to build your templates to begin with? I can then even give a handover when you find your new email star! Standard rates can be found here