Email Repair & Rescue

Email Repair & Rescue

Email not rendering correctly? Flat, lifeless HTML code in need of repair? Losing your hair over it? Deadline approaching?

Email Repair and Rescue can help you.

Rescue Process

Email me using the form below, you'll need to send me the following information:

A description of the problem
The HTML email code
Any relevant screenshots of the issue
Deadline for the email to be completed

I'll review the code, and will give you an estimate on how long it will take to repair, and when I can get it done by. If you want me to go ahead with the rescue, I'll send you a link to pay by Paypal.

Repair & Rescue Rates

Hourly rate is £30*, and for the majority of cases fixes shouldn't take more than an hour or two.

On the rare occasion it'll take more than 8 hours (say you have a number of emails with multiple problems) then my day rate will be £200*.

* Not including VAT

Confidential Information

If the project you are working on contains confidential or sensitive information, I can either sign an NDA, or you can simply replace images and/or copy with placeholder content. Please do not just send excerpts of code, as the issue is not always in the expected place.