Kimber is my 6-month old puppy. He’s a Beagle. Beagle’s are food oriented. They count everything that can fit into their mouths as food. And some things that do not fit. So Kimber explores the world with his mouth. Here are just some of the things that I’ve had to stop him from eating this week alone…

  1. The doormat
  2. My budgie cage
  3. His cage
  4. His lead
  5. Dust-bunnies
  6. My Wii games
  7. My underwear
  8. The Boy’s underwear
  9. Bird poo
  10. The cone on his head (to stop him licking his stitches)
  11. His stitches
  12. His dinner bowl
  13. His water bowl
  14. My hair
  15. The TV remote
  16. The Boy’s laptop
  17. A box of tissues
  18. Another box of tissues
  19. My magazine (that I was trying to read at the time)
  20. All of our food

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