Email Chic Geek
Email, with care

Who am I?

Sharon J

My name is Sharon, but online I’m better known as Email Chic Geek.
I’m a Freelance Email Developer.
I am a well-known and respected member of the wider email community.

I have over 8 years’ experience in Email Marketing, and have specialised in the coding of responsive emails, using HTML and CSS.
I am passionate about the quality of work I produce and I have built emails for a number of companies over the years including Disney (via MXW), The Trainline, Channel 4, Chelsea Football Club, EDF Energy and Deliveroo.

What can I help you with?

Adhoc email builds

Template builds

Code reviews

Things I am not:

A designer

A front-end web developer

A sheep

Why should you listen to me?

In my last permanent role, I was Technical Lead and Manager for the Email Development Team of CACI, a top London Digital Agency.

In October 2016 I spoke at the Email Innovation Summit in London, alongside the likes of, Dela Quist (CEO, Alchemy Worx), Bill McCloskey (Founder, Only Influencers), Justine Jordan (VP, Marketing of Litmus), Elliot Ross (Founder, ActionRocket), Mark Robbins (Developer, RebelMail) and Parry Malm (CEO of Phrasee).

And Phrasee seem to think I’m worth listening to: Who to follow: Sharon Jennings and Email marketing’s finest newsletters.

The email templates that I built for EDF Energy were used for an email that won two awards at the Masters of Marketing Awards – for Email Marketing and for Telecoms, Energy and Utilities.

The guys at decided I was worth listening to enough to publish an article of mine in the first ever issue of the No BS Email Marketing guide.

I am in the Top 1,000 Email Experts on Twitter, and in the 60 people that Action Rocket would like at their epic email dinner party.

I have a CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing and CIM Professional Certificate of Marketing.

I was one of three finalists for the Digital Star award in the 2016 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards

And who am I outside of the world of email?

The Boy and Kimber

I live with my other half (affectionately referred to as The Boy), my Beagle puppy, Kimber, and two budgies, Jack Sparrow & Sherlock.

I am a dog trainer; I run The Office DogTraining and consulting for aspiring office-friendly dogs and dog-friendly offices.

I’m also very much a girl, and love shoes, clothes and pedicures.

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