I’ve had 3 months having a go at working at client-side, instead of agency. It wasn’t for me – although, to be fair it’s hard to tell if it was client-side in general, or just that particular client (I have my suspicions…)

So am back at an agency, and I already feel more at home and it’s only day three! A couple of relaxed welcome lunches ( a couple, yes – working at two different offices), general geeky chit-chat about the Kit-Kat / Android link up, ways of handling image-blocking etc instead of whatever reality twaddle was on tv last night and what the latest diet fad is!

I like learning new stuff, my blog has been a bit neglected over the past few months as I’ve not learned anything new in regards to emails.

My second bit of back pedaling hasn’t started yet, but I’m warming up for, is spacer gifs. I’ve learned to hate them with a passion, but I’m being shown evidence here that they may be more reliable than padding… please feel free to discuss and argue.

This is what I’ve missed about being out of agency – passionate debates about seemingly ridiculous things like spacer gifs vs padding – basically being surrounded by people who’s passion is the same as mine; the work that we’re doing, rather than the product or brand that it’s being done for!

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