I really passionately hate any copy in email or on websites that say ‘click here’. If you need to write that then you’ve failed.

You’ve failed as a designer if your link is so inobvious that you need to spell out the fact that it’s a link.

You’ve failed as a copy writer if you can’t think of better words.


Click Here!


Let’s think about this. Someone, let’s call him Bob, has subscribed to your email. Bob’s gone online, entered in his details clicked on a nice big button saying subscribe. You then start sending Bob emails. Bob then goes into his emails, clicks a few things to get to your email. then reads your email.

Do you really think he needs instructions on how to make a link work?? Do not patronise Bob by telling him how to do what he’s already been doing to get to this stage!

And, alternatively Bob is using a mobile or a tablet to read your email. Don’t confuse Bob. Don’t make him think he has to plug in a mouse to get your special ‘click here’ link to work. Bob taps his links, that’s how he rolls!

Also, Bob might be blind. Bob might use a screen reader. In which case he gets a whole list of instructions to “Click Here. Click Here. Click Here. Click Here”.


✘ To contact us click here

✔ Contact us to find out more.

✘ Click here to download the whitepaper now

✔ Download the whitepaper now

Linking the action itself makes it a lot easier when skim reading something to see what your’e being asked to do. ‘Click Here’ is not the aim. Downloading the whitepaper is the aim. ‘Click here’ holds no benefit to Bob. The exciting whitepaper does.

You get the idea.

And in case you don’t, meet another Bob:



Every time ‘Click Here’ appears in an email, Puppy Bob gets a little sadder.

So to all the ‘Click Here’ offenders, “Go F**k yourself” from Bob & Bob.

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