So, as I previously mentioned, I’m about to start training to become a dog trainer. In fact, I’m now officially enrolled on the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behaviour.

I’ve had my student pack, a signed copy of Victoria’s book, Train Your Dog Positively, and I’ve literally just had my introductory call with my Mentor, Kay Attwood of Kay9 Services. On Monday I have my first cyber lesson, and next Friday, I go off to Wigan for a week’s intensive course – part classroom based, part actual hands-on training with dogs.

So now, I have to go and re-read the book cover to cover (I can highly recommend it – it’s anecdotal, so it’s a really good read as well as being informative), and do my first online module prior to the class on Monday.

Looking through the paperwork outlining everything’s that I need to get through, I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed, nervous, and very excited.

Wish me luck, and I’ll endeavour to keep you updated during all the upcoming activities…


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