On Monday a new TV show comes to Dave, Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit.

Not only was I in the audience with The Boy for two of the show recordings, I’ve been a fan of this show for the last couple of years. How? Because it used to be a live show at the Backyard Comedy Club in London. I wrote a review of it about this time last year.

There’s a small amount of sadness that it now apparently ‘belongs’ to Dara O Briain, and that (King) Rob Sedgebeer is nowhere to be seen (although he probably much prefers being backstage, and not having McNeil and Pamphilon encouraging the nation to yell “All Hail King Rob” at him in the street), and the fact that the catchphrase “Let’s do a gaming” has been dropped, and The Will the Twat is no longer dishing out god-awful forfeits to the loser of each round. But there’s also a fuckload of joy and pride that they’ve managed to turn what was generally a shambolic evening of geeky hilarity into a broadcastable program. Really looking forward to watching them all.

Well done, guys. And Happy Birthday, Steve.

Some Go 8 Bit Nostalgia:

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