ICYMI: Mattel brought out a range of ‘real body’ Barbies.

Looking at my new curvy Barbie I have a criticism. And it’s not the fact that she doesn’t have the same range of movement as traditional Barbie. (Her knees don’t bend, and her waist doesn’t pivot). It’s her boobs! Considering she’s supposed to be ‘curvy’ her boobs seem disproportionately small. If ANY Barbie should have big boobs then surely it should be the so called plus size one?

Curvy Barbie

Anyway, I still like her – I picked her because of her blue hair – when they make a voluptuous redhead you can be sure I ‘ll be getting her too! I’m already looking for different clothes for her, but there seems to be a lack of clothing for this new range of dolls…

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