And those days are Wednesdays and Saturdays, more specifically; on those mornings.

And that’s because these are the mornings that our bins are emptied, and (most of) the rubbish is taken away.

And it’s that ‘most of’ that is the issue – it;s what’s not taken that’s the issue. And why it’s not taken.

The ‘why’ is twofold.

Now, I’m not a morning person, and before Kimber, getting up at 5.30am to go for a walk sounded like insanity. So I was never up at that time, and I definitely wasn’t out and about at that time. So I had a false assumption in my head. I assumed that all the mess that was left on the pavements (chicken bones, veg peelings, broken bottles etc) was a result of foxes having gone through the bins while they were out on the pavement waiting for the dawn collection. This is on the whole, not true. I am now walking the dog, before our binmen have been. Or rather, I’m out walking the dog WHILE the binmen are emptying the bins.

Problem number one

This is a lesser one; people not ‘doing’ their bins correctly. All rubbish has to be in a bin bag, and we’re provided with special bags for recycling, but nonetheless it has to be in a bag. We have a lot of short-term lets and Airbnb in our area, and these are people who don’t care as much, or haven’t been told properly, and they just throw rubbish either loose into a bin, or in carrier bags. You also get people who’ve had a KFC or Chicken Cottage etc who just use the bins in passing on the way back from the pub (A more frequent occurrence on the night prior to the Saturday collections). The binmen won’t take any loose rubbish.

Problem number two

Now I come to the binmen themselves, and if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. The first problem, outlined above just results in rubbish being left in bins, so isn’t a massive issue (for me and my pup anyway), but the binmen cause havoc for me on those two mornings a week.

There is one man who comes down the road before the truck, and his job is to pull out all the bags from the bins, and in people’s gardens, and deposit them on the side of the road, where other men who are with the truck can easily throw them into the back. I hate this guy with a passion. He takes the bags out of the bins (sometimes scattering the loose rubbish and carrier bags as he pulls out a binbag from beneath them) and instead of carrying them to the curb, he throws them at the edge of the pavement. And if people have used a less robust brand of bag, this often splits. So when the other men come along to chuck the rubbish into the back of the truck, not only is there spillage on the pavement, but there’ll be a trail as they carry it and throw it in.

So, if I go out early enough before the binmen arrive, I only have to combat my dog wanting to sniff all the bins and binbags he passes. But on the way back, after the frontman has left his trail of destruction behind him, I have to pull Kimber off of trying to eat chicken bones that could choke him, pull him away from broken jars that could injure him (horribly if there was something inside them when they broke, that he wants to eat) and any number of other potential disasters. And so yes, on these mornings (like this mornings) there is very little pleasure to be taken in the morning dog walk.

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