I’ve been a bit distracted for the last week and a half. And will continue to be so for a while to come… The Boy and I have a new addition to our family. We already had a couple of budgies, Jack Sparrow & Sherlock, but we also now have a puppy ­čÖé

Kimber with ball

Kimber is a 9 1/2 week old Beagle puppy. He’s a bundle of fluff and cute – but with razor blades for teeth!

He’s turned our lives upside down – 2.30am trips outside in the middle of Feb are now a standard. Cables have had to be hidden and/or covered (Don’t trust CritterCord Cord Protector – Kimber bloody loved chewing it!)

We’ve wasted money on snubbed foods, and on food that turned out to be the equivalent of McDonalds for dogs (Thanks Bakers’ Complete). We’ve worried about fleas/lice that turned out to be dandruff. We’ve learned to pre-empt ‘business’ needs. We’ve discovered that pet pens aren’t escape proof, and we’ve had to reawaken our MacGyver skills. We’ve learned not to have a dog’s name engraved on a dog tag. We’ve learned that our vets, Brackenbury Petcare, are amazing.

And Kimber? He’s learned he’s not allowed on the sofa. He’s learned ‘Sit’, and he’s almost learned ‘Flat’ (aka lie down – ‘Down’ is reserved for stop jumping up). He’s learned that the sound of clip-top Tupperware equals treats. What we’d really like is for him to learn not ot bite. That’s next on the list.

Yesterday was my birthday. We had a puppy trainer round for a 1-2-1. Vicky, The Dog Coach was great. She was clear when she disapproved of something we were doing (eg choice of dog food) without telling us off – and it’s a similar technique for the puppy ­čÖé We’ve now signed up to a 6-week puppy school starting in March – after his final vaccination. The idea is that as well as teaching us how to train him, he gets a safe environment to meet other puppies – doggy┬ásocialisation.

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