It’s raining, you may have noticed this. You’ve probably also noticed (consciously or otherwise) the two new types of Dickhead that the rain brings out to play…

Umbrella Dickhead

I’m not talking about general people (General People #salute#) with umbrellas. But the men (usually) with the big-ass fuck-off golf umbrellas that are big enough for 10 people. And they don’t give a shit as they go barging down the path, where us mere mortals with hoods / hats / normal sized umbrellas / wet hair have to duck and skirt around to avoid having an eye removed. Especially as half the time the umbrella has got wind damaged and has a stray spoke sticking out (or I like to think that someone has tried to destroy the brolly for them). Compensating much?? Dickhead!

Puddle Driver Dickhead

You already know who I’m talking about, don’t you? Dickhead driver who aims for the puddle on the side of the road to soak you for his (usually) own entertainment. Thanks to this Dickhead I am currently sat with a wet skirt and legs, wishing that voodoo or witchcraft was real so I could curse his ass to hell and back. Or at least to aquaplane a little and have the fright of his life. Dickhead!

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming winter, can you tell?

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