How did you spend your Sunday night? cooking a roast? Curled up in front of Netflix with your cat and a glass of wine? Surrounded by Gamer Geeks watching more Gamer Geeks play computer games?

Just me on that last one then? Well, just me and about 60 other Gamer Geeks?

Let me explain exactly how my night was SOOOO much better to the other alternatives listed above.

I was at the Backyard Comedy Club in London to see McNeil & Pamphilon present Go8Bit. Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon are two genuinely nice guys, who happen to be comedians and who happen to like computer games.

Their show in their words:

It’s a really funny show where comedians (and some of you!) battle on classic video games for Team McNeil (the best team) and Team Pamphilon (the sexiest team). If they lose, McNeil or Pamphilon have to do stupid forfeits. Previous guests have included Tim Vine, Josh Widdicombe, Tony Law, Sara Pascoe, Nick Helm, Marcus Brigstocke, James Acaster and many more…


Last night the two guest comedians were Marcus Brigstocke (Team McNeil) and Bec Hill (Team Pamphilon). along with playing the games, they each do a small stand-up routine. Bec’s was themed to gaming, but was very visual… I can’t even begin to describe it. And Oh My God she had the most amazing Gamer-themed dress on. will be googling it soon… Marcus’ chose to appeal to the fairer sex in his routine, and gain, I’m not going to say too much on that. But they were both brilliant.

Wifi Wars - Go 8Bit

McNeil & Pamphilon are aided and abetted by Rob Sedgebeer (All Hail King Rob!), who creates all the tech involved in the show (and there is shitloads), and Will (aka ‘The Twat’) who creates and carries out all of the forfeits that M&P have to endure if they lose a game.

Onto the games…

First off (after a small amount of technical mishap – which adds to the charm of Go8Bit in my opinion), was a game of Gang Beasts. In this game you have 4 characters, dressed in onesies (no idea why) who all appear to be slightly drunk (and therefore hard to control) who have to try and throw each other off of ferris wheels / buildings / into pits of fire, while avoiding fall in themselves. It’s hilarious to watch. Each comedian was joined by a member of the audience, for our team (McNeil & Brigstocke) it was actually one of our little group that went up.


Wifi Wars - Go 8Bit
After a best of five, we lost 2-3. It was gutting. Marcus tried soo hard, and was beaten by Bec Hill who spent most of the time hiding and declining to engage with anything or anyone.

Other games involve members of the audience playing on their phones (controls are beamed via wifi) there were versions of Bomber and Whack a Mole.

In the end our team won (thank the lord for double points on the last round), but this did not stop the fact that Steve McNeil had to deal with three forfeits to Sam’s one. There were crisps, dips, fried food and electrocution involved. they don’t call Will ‘The Twat’ for nothing!

If you’re still not convinced, then you’re probably the wrong audience for it. If you’re now all hyped up and raring to go, the next show is on the 18th October in the same location, but is their Wi-Fi Wars event (Run by Steve McNeil & (King) Rob Sedgebeer), which involves far more audience participation.

“I have never heard the Royal Institution audience cheer as loudly,
or laugh as hard, as they did for WiFi Wars”
Martin Davies, Public Programming Manager, Royal Institution

Now, Let’s do a Gaming!

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