I repeat. My boss is asking me to risk my 10 week old puppy’s safety, and potentially his life, to come in to work.
Now, I can feel people jumping to conclusions here, so let me spell out some facts…

  • I have a 10 week old Beagle
  • On Thursday just gone, he escaped his pen, and ate some phone charger cable. That night he had emergency surgery. They had to open up his stomach and his large intestine to retrieve the pieces.
  • Tonight, Monday, we’re bringing him home.
  • He needs supervision to make sure he doesn’t bust his stitches open – or suffers any other post-operative complications.
  • I have taken no time off for this so far
  • I offered to WORK FROM HOME for the remainder of the week so I can look after him, but not let down work.
  • There is nothing that I can do from the office that I can’t do from home. And it’s been fine for me to wfh in the past when I was injured.
  • He cannot go to kennels / puppy care as he hasn’t had final vaccinations yet.

My offer to wfh has been denied. I’m allowed tomorrow, but after that it’s not approved. When I queried how it would be dealt with if it was a child, I got told it would be the same situation. I say bullshit. They’d ask a parent to leave an injured child unattended for hours at a time? Bullshit.

If this offer continues to be denied, with insistence that I have to be in the office to make sure ‘everything runs smoothly’ I will have no choice but to take emergency leave. Kimber is dependent on me. He is my dependent. If I leave him alone in his state, it is nothing less than neglect and animal cruelty. If I leave him alone in his state I don’t deserve to own a dog.

I’m on my notice period. I have one month left. I gave 3 months notice to be nice. I am not someone trying to take the piss here. Just someone who values the well-being and life of an intelligent being more than some office politics.

I am potentially risking a lot by making this stand, I go freelance in a month, and there may be employers out there who would be wary of taking someone on who puts their loved ones’ lives ahead of work. But, you know what? I don’t want to work for companies who think like that.

I am shocked and saddened by the lack of empathy and compassion being shown by my current employer. I hope they never find themselves in such a stressful situation, having to make a choice like this. Although for me there is no choice to be made here.


edit 01/03/16 10:35: Update: it’s now ok to work from home again tomorrow. TBC for after that.

edit 03/03/16 10:35: Update: working from home this morning – it’s now ‘so quiet’ that I can take this afternoon and all day tomorrow off.

edit 08/03/16 10:35: Update: I was put on gardening leave. Read more

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