I love escape games – I used to stay up until Stupid o’Clock playing them online at Escape Games 24. I still play them online, but now there are live versions; you’re actually locked in a room with about 4-6 people and have to solve puzzles to get out in less than an hour. They’re a big reason why I joined Thinking Bob – none of my social circle at that time were interested in doing things like this, and going with TB meant you had a team of intelligent people.

So far my teams have all  got out of all rooms within the time limit. I’ll be updating this post as I do more… So, my history and some reviews (no spoilers):

Sep 15 – Escape Plan: The Adventure Begins – 9/10

This was awesome. It’s my new favourite after Hint Hunt: JM’s room. There was plenty to do, no one was looking over each others’ shoulders (mind you, we only had 4 people which helped), and you had to actively ask for hints. We did not use any of the three available hints, and we ended up coming 2nd on the leaderboard 🙂 (NB First place used 3 hints)

Escape Games
Escape Games

Aug 15 – Escape Rooms: Room 33 – 6/10

This has been my least favourite so far. A redeeming quality was that you had to ask for hints, rather than just being given them. And I think we only used one. A number of times there wasn’t enough for everyone to be doing something, although if we’d had fewer people it might have helped. But the big drawback for me was the start – there’s an element of the game at the beginning that deducts time from you for what I consider a ‘Physical’ challenge, rather than a ‘mental’ one.

May 15 – ClueQuest: Plan52 – 8/10

I enjoyed this, but not quite as much as Operation Black Sheep. But again, make us ask for hints!

Mar 14 – ClueQuest: Operation Black Sheep – 9/10

I loved this. Some really fun and clever elements. The people at ClueQuest get really into the story-line even before you step into the room. One improvement I’d make would be to make us ask for hints and not just dole them out.

Nov 13 – Hint Hunt: The Zen Room – 7/10

I had high hopes for this one after completing JM’s Room, but the puzzles were very different, and the ones in Jm’s Room were more my style. Had a couple of really fun elements, but just not as good as their other room.

Escape Games

Sep 13 – Hint Hunt: JM’s Office – 9/10

I think this will always be my favorite as was my first one. I have fond memories of the ‘hosts’ using the intercom to tell a certain member of the team not to destroy furniture and to stop trying to climb into the ceiling. If I’d written this at the time I’d have probably given it 10/10 but having done more of them, I realise I prefer it when you have to ask for hints rather than them deciding when to dish them out. But awesome nonetheless.

Escape Games

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