I was in Tesco this lunchtime, pondering over the choices for said meal, when I overheard someone else behind me, obviously doing the same thing; “Oooh I think I might be really naughty!”

My interest was immediately piqued – I took a sneak peek, and as I assumed it was a tiny blonde girl who could have blown away in a breeze. What was it that she was going to have? What depth of naughtiness was she about to sink to? Maybe a Krispy Kreme? perhaps that was too far. There were some tempting smelling Cornish Pasties on display – i think pastry is still classed as bad? Or maybe she was planning on a trip to the hot counter for some chicken and chips? What, what was she going to have? If nothing else it might give me some inspiration…

“Yeah, I think I will. I’m going to be really naughty and have a sandwich!”



A sandwich? Seriously? The humble sandwich has now been deemed a sin? When did this happen? When did we stop enjoying food? My only silver lining here is that I didn’t work with her, cos you can guarantee that the poor bastards in her vicinity will be hearing about ti for the rest of the day; “Oh I was so bad at lunch. completely broke my diet. Lettuce Leaves for the rest of the week now… ooh did someone say cake?”

PS For those who are interested, I too had a sandwich, cheese to be exact. And Salt & Vinegar squares, some snack-size scotch eggs and a tub of coconut chunks.

PPS No, I don’t know which sandwich she opted for I was too much in shock to notice. Probably plain chicken on brown, no butter, no mayo.

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