I got my first box today from The Pink Parcel. I subscribed a month ago, and been excitedly waiting for it ever since.

The Pink Parcel is a monthly box subscription service for women. They send you a selection of items to make ‘that time of the month’ a little more bearable.

What’s in the box?

Every month you will get:

  • Monthly Essentials: Either tampons or pads (dependent on your preferance) and liners
  • Feminine Hygiene product
  • Beauty Products
  • Something Sweet
  • Tea

What did I get this month?

In my first box, on top of the ‘essentials’ I received:

  • A cute little drawstring bag to keep some emergency essentials on hand
  • ‘Sass’ Intimate Purifying Cleanser
  • ‘BubbleT’Summer fruits tea Bath & Shower jelly
  • ‘#Lipglam’ Natural Lip Balm
  • ‘Bourjois’ Dark Khol Mascara
  • ‘Halo’ Eye make-up remover pads
  • ‘This Material Culture’ teapot charm pendant
  • ‘Doisy & Dam’ Organic Date & Himalayan pink salt milk chocolate
  • ‘Novus’ Persian Pomegranate Tea

Am attempting to hold out with the chocolate and some of the ‘feel good’ stuff until it actually is that time of the month – for once I’m looking forward to it. It was fun in itself just looking through the box – and the bath jelly smells good enough to eat (already had to pull my boyfriend off of it).

It’s just a shame they can’t send out painkillers with it all, and then I’d be 100% set!!

Get your first box for £7.95 at https://www.pinkparcel.co.uk/

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