This weekend I bought a domain. It’s what this blog now sits on:

And so I decided, after 8 years, to scrap my old email address and use this instead. (Decision made easier by how many times btinternet has errors, I’m locked out of my account, credentials aren’t recognised etc).

And so began the joyful process of changing my email address across COUNTLESS clients and subscriptions ZZzzzz

This is a boring enough job, that seemingly never ends, without the two big added stumbling blocks provided by a number of companies:

  1. That my email address is uneditable online, and I instead have to either call or email them to request the change Grrrr
  2. The big one. Some companies don’t recognise .london as a valid email address.

Dear god! Are they seriously validating by checking for .com,, .org, and .net only? These days your email can be almost anything – the only criteria it should have to meet is that it’s something@something.something. Surely?

Dear companies, please wake up and make our life easier, or we just won’t be able to receive your emails!

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