I am planning on having a career addition, as opposed to a career change. Or a sideline if you like.

At the beginning of the year I applied for a training course, and a couple of months back I was interviewed, references were taken and I was subsequently accepted. Next month I go off to Wigan (near Manchester) for the first week-long intensive part of the course.

What is this course? Email? Social Media? PR? Digital Marketing Management?

No. None of the above.

Victoria StilwellI have been accepted onto the very first UK based Victoria Stilwell Academy. I am going to train to become a Dog Trainer.

For those of you who don’t know who Victoria Stilwell is (and unless you have a dog you most likely won’t), she is a celebrity dog trainer, famed  for her ‘Positive‘ methods, and presenter of “It’s Me or the Dog”. And since getting Kimber, our beagle puppy, she has quickly become one of my heroes.

The course covers dog training, teaching people how to deal with their pooches, and the business side of it all. This is inline with my plans to one-day specialise in marketing within the pet industry, and wildlife and conservation in general. It is also a good standing for the work I’ve been doing for Bauwow, an app for dog-owners.

So keep your fingers and paws crossed. For me, and for poor Kimber.

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