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Sharon Jennings
Freelance Email Developer

Who am I?

My name is Sharon Jennings, I am a Freelance Email Developer with almost 10 years’ experience in the industry

How can I help You?

Coding emails with HTML & CSS
Hiring of new email developers – code reviews, interview questions etc

What am I not?

A front-end developer
A designer
A sheep

Hire Me

I am available for:



What’s the difference?


  • Remote work only
  • A specific project or series of projects, with a pre-agreed deadline(s)
  • Work to own hours, no set start or finish time
  • Pre-agreed quote for the job, no overtime


  • Work onsite with client or remote
  • A specific project, or a series of pieces of work, passed over as each piece is completed
  • Working to client’s hours, set start and finish times each day
  • Pre-agreed daily or hourly rate

My Articles…

“Click Here”? Bob says “Go F**k yourself!”

“Click Here”? Bob says “Go F**k yourself!”

I really passionately hate any copy in email or on websites that say ‘click here’. If you need to write that then you’ve failed. You’ve failed as a designer if your link is so inobvious that you need to spell out the fact that it’s a link. You’ve failed as a copy...

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Why Open rates tell you nothing. Except when they do.

Why Open rates tell you nothing. Except when they do.

I have a pet hate (I have more than one to be fair) of people quoting Open rates when it comes to email reporting. Open rates tell you nothing! They can have false positives as well as false negatives. ‘Opens’ are triggered when either the email’s images are...

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I have coded emails for….

@ Want to see some email-related humour through the medium of gifs..? @

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